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Oct 27, 2010

This Is About Me And My Beloved Son

I was asked recently by someone I respect very much, if I am certain I did not fill out a court document when I took my son to the crisis center on at the end of July.  My response: I knew for certain that I did not.  I shared the fact that over the years I have in fact filled out many court forms, as I have represented myself in numerous civil court matters.  Some as a result of my own bad judgement; to remain in an abusive relationship, something that I am embarrassed, and ashamed about.  And others when I had to take emergency custody of my nephews.

There is no way in hell I would have filled out a statement in support of my son's Constitutional Rights being violated!  There is absolutely no possibility.  The law that allows for this kind of human rights violation is something that I have been living in fear of.  I am a mother, and a person with one of the labels that is often violated in this way; and a son who has already endured the most horrendous ongoing violations of this kind much of his life.  It is an added injustice that this woman, Nancy Sherman felt it necessary to malign and slander me in this way.  What she did is try to make it look like I asked for my own son to be locked up out of fear of him.  I am not now, and have not ever, been afraid of my son; I am however afraid for him.

By cutting and pasting my writing from intake paperwork to a court document and checking the appropriate boxes on this form;  then attesting to having verbally notified me of her intention; not serving my son in his brother's and my presence, she committed two felonies. Forgery and Perjury are each punishable by ten years in prison.  She did more than this though.  This woman would have made a better career as a writer of fiction or on stage.  In her written statement which is testimony, she alleges that Isaac smashed a television.  This TV is not damaged, he picked it up and dropped it.  My son is seriously affected by the massive amounts of neuroleptics he has been forced to take over a long period of time, as a result, he loses his balance easily.  This is the effect this class of drugs have, it is evidence of neurological damage.

Unfortunately, Nancy Sherman's lie is repeated by Dr. Jeffrey Jennings, who is to, as the petition he filled out instructs, put things he knows "first hand" to be true in his petition to court order my son to take medication.  Dr. Jennings committed perjury and his petition was granted by a judge.  This petition was granted in spite of the fact that it did not meet the requirement that it be sought by two professionals attesting to it's necessity.  The reason cited by Dr. Jennings as to the necessity for the court order?  To maintain the integrity of the medical profession.

Dr. Jennings integrity is not my son's responsibility to maintain.  Dr. Jennings showed no ethical integrity in his treatment of my son.   Dr. Jennings failed to consult with my son's primary physician, his current psychiatrist, his mother, or his brother.  He spoke to no one who knows my son.  He put my son back on a medication that my son had been taken off of due to cardiac risk, at twice the dose he had previously been taking.  

I am, as his mother and caretaker, compelled under court order to give him medications that have already caused him harm.  I cannot tell you how all of this has hurt me, there are not words that adequately describe the overwhelming pain, anguish and outrage that I have.

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