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Nov 29, 2010

A Sense of Connection

There are many types of senses, from the obvious sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch; to the not so common, "common sense."   Then there are people who have a sense of direction, and I am not one of them!  Accurate navigation takes precise directions anyway, so I figure that isn't such a biggie.  Lacking a sense of connection that is not attached to anything other than one's own existence will cause all sorts of issues.  It may lead to feelings of superiority, a sense of being justified.  It is ironic that my autonomy is only truly healthy when I recognize the impact my behavior, my efforts and energy are to not only to benefit myself, but also for the benefit of others.  All of them, all the time.  In some relationships this duty to others is more apparent than others.

I saw an old friend today.  At one time he was more capable than he is now.  He was well thought of and seen, not looked past.  I have had the impression for a long time, that people like my friend who experience extreme states of consciousness are dismissed by many of the rest of us.  He wanted to share; his raised hand was ignored.  It seems to me that it would take much more energy to look away, to deny a person, than to include them.  We all are parts of a whole, and valuable for what each of us individually has to offer, I know I wanted to hear what my friend had to say.  I bet he wouldn't have chastised or blamed anyone.  I bet he just wanted to be heard, acknowledged as an old friend.  

Maybe I am too sensitive, somehow I don't think so.  I think I am supposed to see and feel, be attuned to those among us who are experiencing life differently, it feels right to feel connected to my friend.  I wish more people could open themselves up to feeling connected, and listening to those experiencing altered states.

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