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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Dec 13, 2010

Help a Mother Prevent Involuntary Commitment and Medication

UPDATE:  Today, Monday, March 14,  2011
Celebrating Siddharta's return  HOME!
And tomorrow we are having a celebration dinner!
Sadly he is heavily drugged after 5 months of  forced confinement in the hospital and the effects are of grave concern. It is our hope and prayer to help him recover while trying to keep him out of harm's way and the system's reach.

Cindi Fisher, a mother in Washington State is asking for help in preventing her son, Siddharta from being forced to stay at Western State psychiatric hospital for a 180 day commitment.  It is also standard practice to force medicate individuals who are committed.  Please take time to call or send an email in support of Cindi and Siddharta!  Here is a link to her website:


pharmacy feedback said...

The patient's decision needs to be considered as well.

Unknown said...

Ok and being a pharmacy site (and I would assume a pharmacist)I suppose you are going to say that this young man is in fact being held under court order and a further court order was obtained to drug him, as is required in this State, was necessary because he wants to be held prisoner and forcefully drugged with neuroleptics and other psychotropic drugs? Are you awake? or just stupid?

Unknown said...

Just to clarify a few things maybe less bluntly: I believe The US Constitution is the law of the land. I am not anti-psychiatry, I am Pro Informed consent. Psychiatry has the Court System and the Police acting as it's agents---how the heck is different than what happened in Germany in the 1930's, Communist Russia and in China today? I am not saying there are not those among us who need help for psychiatric issues---but given the cost disability and death toll of those who benefit and take drugs willingly, the significant percentage of those diagnosed schizophrenia that neuroleptics are not "antipsychotic" in there effects, HOW the hell is this infringemement of liberty even justifiable??? Given the fact that psychiatry had LIED about the safety and the efficacy of it's teratogenic "treatments" and are now killing young children, the elderly and Veterans with regularity with seeming impunity. The majority of the drugs are funded through Medicaid, Medicare and TriCare, so not only is psychiatry, and the pharmaceutical industry are fucking killing our loved ones WITH society at large tacit approval--through legislation. The willfully ignorant leading the willfully blind. The masses fed by the Mass Media propaganda machine who spew fear and intolerance generating pseudo journalism reports in between drug commercials, anti-stigma clips that often repeat the bio-psychiatric LIE of DISEASE and Coercive treatment--force may be required---all the while children drop dead of heart attacks become disabled and develop chronic diseases, lose the ability to do simple tasks without assistance? I can assure you you I am on the side of those who are in fact diagnosed--and that would include the young man who is being held prisoner to this day and given drugs under court order. Whether the drugs do or do not cause a decrease in his psychosis, he will be expected, and perhaps even Court Ordered, to take them until he is dead. If the drugs do in fact bring about his early death, are you willing to bear your share of the responsibility? As I see it, the Laws which court order people to take psychotropic drugs are Unconstitutional period. Forcing anyone to take a chemical which has the capacity to actually cause their death because it is a Law that was passed by the will of the ignorant and propaganda fed masses, does not make it Moral or Legal. I, for one do not want the death of any traumatized Veteran, child or elder; or any other individual, in need of care and compassionate understanding for whatever reason or diagnosis on my hands.

It is about equal protection under The Constitution of the United States. The practice of psychiatry is not above or beyond the Law.

Skyblue said...

What Pharmacy Feedback is saying is that they are giving the patient a forced chemical lobotomy with drugs that also have harmful side effects "for their own good", which translated into plain English means "for the good of the pharmaceutical companies profits.

Nothing the pharmaceutical companies or their agents say about mental illness or meds can be trusted, They would murder the personalities of half the American population with psychotropic drugs just to maintain their wealth and power. They have a complete lack of morality and responsibility to the human race.

The true source of all mental illness in society is not chemicals but the abuse of human beings by corrupt power. Any "bad chemicals" are simply the evolutionary result of induced social dysfunction.
The pharmaceutical companies are the major contributers to mental illness in our society by inducing and enforcing social abuse.


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