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Mar 16, 2011

Fictional Facts for Advocates

The New York State Legislature held a Joint Budget Hearing on "Mental Hygiene" on March 2, 2011. 

Prior to the hearings, Daniel Hazen and Lauren Tenney asked D.J. Jaffe if he would be open to a public debate. 

They jury is still out. 

Lauren Tenney, Daniel Hazen, and Harvey Rosenthal stood in silent protest during D.J. Jaffe's testimony to the legislature, which included promoting programs of force, including Involuntary Outpatient Torture, also known out "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" carried out through Kendra's Law. 

Video: T.J. Calcagno & Lauren Tenney

The Huffington Post's bio for DJ Jaffe says:

"DJ Jaffe is the founder of Mental Illness Policy Org which provides the media and public officials with unbiased information about "serious" mental illness from a pro-treatment perspective. It covers issues of violence, deinstitutionalization, not guilty by reason of insanity, assisted outpatient treatment, involuntary commitment, involuntary treatment and other issues.," emphasis mine

The link between untreated serious mental illness and violence is well-understood by most Americans who when surveyed say they do believe there is an association between mental illness and violence." emphasis mine

"According to the National Crime Victimization Survey for 1993 to 1999, conducted by the Department of Justice, the annual rate of nonfatal, job-related, violent crime was 12.6 per 1000 workers in all occupations. Among physicians, the rate was 16.2 per 1000, and among nurses, 21.9 per 1000. But for psychiatrists and mental health professionals, the rate was 68.2 per 1000, and for mental health custodial workers, 69.0 per 1000." more DJ Jaffe

 A writer who claims to be a reporter of medical or scientific data---like Jaffe claims to be, should know the definition of "unbiased."  One can only be unbiased when one has no biased agenda, one is capable of thinking critically with an open mind.  "Surveys" are not evidence, or scientific; definitely NOT the gold standard.  "Subjective Opinion" is the weakest type of data. "Scientific Data" in the real world is documentable and verifiable; i.e. reliably duplicable by others---   

There are bigots of every type, all allowed to gather freely.  Idiots are allowed to gather in fear mongering groups to get their hate on; and they can survey their idiotic selves--a sort of vetting of hate policies and agendas adopted to carry them out; if you will.  These biased, hate-filled  propaganda peddlers are asserting that some of us do not have the Individual Rights or protections that we supposedly have under the United States Constitution.  My issue with this Daffy person is he thinks his advocacy and his being the sycophant of E. Fuller Torrey, gives him abilities he does not have. Specifically,  he can claim whatever the hell he wants;  BUT, he does not have the right to act with impunity.  

Jaffe and Torrey can sell their twisted agenda through biased columns; it is, after all an individual right they have.  I don't like what they say, but they have the Right to say whatever the hell they wish.  They have the Right to denigrate and stigmatize and say they want people locked up.  But when they push this agenda across the Country these pseudo-advocates are telling me and mine that WE do not have the Right to Equal Protection Under The Law.  The whole agenda is 1. label people  2. once labeled, Court Order  "special treatment" 3. Force is Required (and it's 'ok')  This special Treatment is described by those who have been subjected to it by these terms: TORTURE, relentless, agonizing, mind numbing, etc.  

Jaffe advocates for the "special treatment" which can disable or kill.  It is now the Law in 42 States.  Washington State allows gossip, and innuendo to be used to DETAIN a person--NO RULES of Evidence or Court Procedures need be followed. NO Effective Assistance of Counsel provided; in fact my son's "Assigned Counsel" AND the Deputy Prosecutor allowed what they both knew to be perjured testimony to be used to get the Court Orders against my son.  Both failed as Officers of the Court.  My son can not defend himself because of how much damage has been done to him from being used in Drug Trials, and since NO criminal investigation took place, even though I reported the perjury and forgery used in Superior Court to Law Enforcement, e.g. Yakima Police, HHS Office of Civil Rights, the DOJ Office of Civil Rights Criminal Division---Oh, and Washington Disability Rights, 'Protection and Advocacy'.   I was told that ONLY the DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery or Adult Protective Services can request an investigation from the State Police.  Since this Department is in fact liable for the crimes committed which violated my son's Civil Rights under Color of Law; I have no doubt it had no intention of performing their legal or ethical duty to my son.

So, this is how I see it:  People like DJ Jaffe and E. Fuller Torreyare in fact a THREAT to The Constitution of The United States of America; I don't like feeling threatened--I really do not like that my son is at risk, from the threat these biomaniacal advocates pose; I have no doubt these type of 'advocates' are a THREAT to my son.  The Constitutional Rights to Procedural Due Process of Law are NOT protected OR defended for individuals Court Ordered; they certainly were not for my son...

DJ Jaffe's insight   his response to a comment I made with facts about mental illness from a U of W project to provide tools to reporters who report on mental illness,  to prevent spread of misinformation and stigma-induced discrimination. 

I really loved this...
namidearest interviews bj daffy on the commitment hour

DJ Jaffe's Tip Sheet

The word liberal comes from the word free. 
We must cherish and honor the word 
free or it will cease to apply to us.  
~Eleanor Roosevelt


Duane Sherry said...


The Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency. They pay no taxes.

To qualify, their work has to be for the public good. And certainly any "statistic" they use need to be accurate.

Their "statistics" are not accurate.
They are not even CLOSE to being accurate.

They use outright lies on their website, regarding the suicide rates for people diagnosed with "schizophrenia" and "bipolar disorder."

Which is precisely why I contacted U.S. Senator Charles Grassley's office last week, and expressed my outrage, and requested an investigation into their "statistics."

Grassley got on NAMI like white-on-rice, and now they have to present the public with data on the source of their funds. The Treatment Advocacy Center needs to have its feet held to the same flame.

We all have a right to free speech, political speech is protected by the Constitution.

In the case of both NAMI and the TAC, they do not pay taxes, and Congress has every right to investigate whether they are operating for the public good, and whether they are presenting factual data to the American public.

They are not!
And they need to be held accountable.

In terms of "treatment" by force.
It's time to put that stuff to a quick-end.
And to hold those who have used force accountable for their actions.
That's what our criminal and civil courts are all about.

It's time to reform the entire system, Becky -

Call me a "dreamer."
Been called worse.

My best,

Duane Sherry, M.S.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your comment. It is indeed time (way past) to reform the system.


Natalie said...

I'm so sorry for all the pain and suffering you and your son have been put through. And I'm so glad to see others spreading the word about the need for reform - enough is enough.

I was heartened to learn recently about the efforts of Alaska attorney Jim Gottstein to launch a national campaign challenging current treatment laws, along the lines of the Brown v. Board of Ed ruling that banned segregation. He's already had an enormous victory on this front in Alaska:

(And the commentary of Daffy's that you linked was beyond ridiculous - I actually read it when it was first posted, and couldn't help but also call him out on his apparent inability to comprehend the info you cited!)

Unknown said...


Thank you for your comment. I agree, Jim Gottstein is doing great work. Real nice guy, too.

It is incredible to me that Daffy has his new endeavor to, "provide unbiased information about mental illness to media and policy makers;" but can not recognize unbiased information developed with the same stated objective.

Thank you for expressing your support for us--it helps, it really does.

Kind regards,


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