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Mar 15, 2011

MindFreedom Shield Please Help Cindy Potter!

MindFreedom Shield Activation - 15 March 2011

Cindy Potter reports:

       "I'm locked in a psychiatric institution coerced to take psychiatric

Cindy Potter, 37, is a long-time member of MindFreedom International
who has been homeless in Austin, Texas.

She said she did not break any law, but two weeks ago she was locked
up in a psychiatric institution. She said she is being coerced to take
powerful psychiatric drugs against her will, under threat of an

Cindy, who said she has experienced more than 20 psychiatric
institutionalizations in her life, has been signed up on the
MindFreedom Shield Campaign for four years.

That means when threatened with coerced psychiatry, Cindy can activate
an alert that goes to other Shield participants, and the public.

Cindy asks everyone to take the following action.


Cindy asks that concerned people complain to the Governor of Texas,
here's the contact info:

Sample message, your own words are best:

"Please investigate allegations by Cindy Potter that she is being held
unfairly in the Seton Shoal Creek psychiatric institution in Austin,
Texas against her will. She said she is being coerced to take powerful
psychiatric drugs against her will. Cindy wants to have non-drug
alternatives for her care."

Your contact info:

MindFreedom Solidarity Network.
MIND YOUR FREEDOM: United Action for Human Rights!
This list is for current MindFreedom members who have registered as participants in the MindFreedom Shield Program. Please only copy and forward posts off
list with the explicit permission of the poster. Thank you.
MindFreedom Support Coalition International is an independent non-profit uniting 100 sponsor groups to win human rights & alternatives in mental health.
MindFreedom is acredited by the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with Consultative Roster Status.

1 comment:

Duane Sherry said...


I contacted Rick Perrys' office in Austin.
Also, I contacted my friend, and fellow-Texan, John Breeding.

Thank you for posting.
We'll do our best.

Duane Sherry, M.S.


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