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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Mar 14, 2011

In Real Life

Some things are hard to believe even if you witnessed the events for yourself.   The Age of Consent for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment in Washington State is 13.    In violation of both Federal and State Laws and Federal Medicaid and Child Welfare Guidelines, I was required to give up custody of my son in order for him to receive the intensive mental health services.    Even though my son was not capable of  Informed Consent, I was told I had NO SAY in his treatment.  His "treatment" consisted of being used in  neuroleptic  Drug Trials at the State of Washington's only State-run psychiatric hospital for children; Child Study and Treatment Center.  My son remembers this as being "traumatized over and over and over."   He recently stated that he was kidnapped from his family.   

It didn't occur to me before he said it; but, in effect he was.   The State of Washington did not have a consent process or protocol in place for psychotropic drugs to protect children who are Wards of the State of Washington until after I rescued my son from CSTC in 2005.  The policy developed does not offer much protection to children; but it does seem to protect the State adequately.  IMHO   

an excerpt:
"The informed parental consent or court order needs to be a general authorization for the administration of psychotropic medications at the direction of a qualified, licensed physician so that a change in the consent or court order is unnecessary when there is a need for the physician to adjust the medication." the Dope.  This policy is obviously to protect the State of Washington, not the children in State custody!

an excerpt from Holistic Schizophrenia:
"Step 1 is taking the medical decision-making away from the parents of under 18s.

Step 2 is the State seizing complete control by deeming the child in need of services.

Step 3 is even more sinister because it appears, in the case of Becky's son (and obviously countless others) that he was then enrolled in drug trials. From the impression I have I from reading Becky's blog, these were not what the public usually thinks of as drug trials, where drugs are trialled before they are FDA approved. Her son appears to have been subjected to a variety of neuroleptics that are currently on the market but not approved for use in people under 18. "

read at Holistic Schizophrenia

In real life, Drug Trials are simply not "treatment" provided solely for the patient's benefit; the patient's participation is  really more a benefit for the entity conducting the Drug Trial.  

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