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Mar 26, 2011

Saturday Survivors: Isaac

My son, Isaac is this week's Saturday Survivor, because he once was a Ward of the State who was used in Drug Trials without Informed Consent. At the time, no one but his MadMother seemed to think anything was wrong with that...

Today's post is dedicated to children in state care who are given drugs for their symptoms of distress. Some of these children are now disabled like my son; and some are dead, like Domico Presnell and R.B.  All of them are considered potential liabilities to the State who has a duty to protect them. The State neglects children in the interest of greed, pseudo-scientific research, and pseudo-medicine.  Children in State care are a liability when they are injured in state care, injuries and death are evidence that child protection services are not protective of children and youths who are considerd liabilities...

Wards of the State, sometimes referred to as Wards of the Court, are what foster children are in legal terms.  A State is a legal entity; foster care is a business conducted by the State.  When children are harmed due to negligence, abuse and/or dereliction of duty on the part of State employees, it is in legal terms, a "liability" that the State protects itself from.  Even when it means not investigating crimes in victimizing these children, committing more crimes to cover up crimes, and causing further harm.

Allowing psychiatric drugs to be prescribed at all to children is questionable given the rampant academic, research, and pharmaceutical industry fraud. Prescribing psychiatric drugs to children with what is now known about the effects of every class of psychiatric drug, which psychiatric researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry have lied about the results of the drug trials conducted, lied about the nature of the diagnoses themselves, and worst of all covered up the disability and deaths the drugs cause.  Obviously compounding the problem is the utter failure of the FDA to protect the American people with due diligence.  The FDA appears to have been colluding with unethical psychiatric researchers and pharma executives to lie to the American people.  Research psychiatrists and pharma representatives who lobby both the FDA and elected public servants to influence in how this "regulatory agency" functions.  The NIMH fails to avoid major Conflicts of Interest in how business is conducted on behalf of the American people as well---chiefly by continuing to fund clinical drug trials which serve no valid scientific purpose, these drug trials are conducted to expand the market for psychiatric drugs, which is not a valid medical purpose, and is not at all ethical!  NIMH rarely funds research into any causes of psychiatric conditions, or treatments for them which may diminish the dependence on psychiatric drugs to treat the symptoms, or to shrink the drug market.

I'm going to just say it: Thomas Insell, the Director of NIMH is an idiot who lacks the ethics and integrity to be a medical professional.  His record of subterfuge, most notably vouching for Charles Nemeroff, a psychiatric researcher who should be in prison for the crimes he has committed,  Instead Insell helped him get another research position at another institution of Higher Learning!  The Director of NIMH lacks credibility; he does not have the integrity required to lead this Nation's leading Research Agency into the causes and treatments for Mental Illnesses.  Research which is carried out needs to be conducted ethically, and conducted to, "FIRST, DO NO HARM..."  Insell does not value these qualities, thus he does not expect grant recipients to value them either; and obviously, he can not hold grant recipients to them either.

The current practice at the NIMH is to fund reseach which serves to increase the number of people who are labeled with a condition that requires "medical treatment" with psychiatric drugs.  Groups targeted include: children in foster care, the elderly in long term care facilities, and traumatized veterans.  Drugs which are prescribed for symptoms---drugs which can and do cause disability and death, drugs which whether they work or are perceived by the individual taking them to be helpful, can cause dependence, disability, and death; all of these drugs are marketed as "safe and effective," and non-addictive, in spite of these claims being not just misleading, but in some cases--outright falsehoods.



To give a foster child drugs which are NOT safe, NOT effective and NOT FDA approved, it is Human Experimentation, it is a violation of their Human Rights, it is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code.

It is a State Sanctioned Crime Against Humanity.

My son is going to be 23 tomorrow. He was given drugs instead of the treatment he needed, for severe PTSD after he was victimized by violent crime in a State of Washington foster home.  Ultimately, he was used in NIMH-funded drug trials, conducted in a State run psychiatric facility without Informed Consent; which is  against both State and Federal Law.  I was told I had no say by psychiatric researcher, Jon McClellan, who is the Medical Director at this facility to this day; and  a professor at the University of Washington.  Despite my protests, and the fact that my son's supposed "assent" was in fact coerced.  My child was told that if he did not take the drugs, he would never get to leave and go home!  This is how a "lead psychiatric researcher" bullies disturbed children; Quack Master Jack looked me in the eye and told me I had no say in what he was doing to my boy.  I knew then, and I know now:  He is a liar and he is someone who should never be allowed to be alone  with a vulnerable child.  Quack Master Jack belongs in prison.

Even when I was able to finally rescue my son the psychiatrists at both of the Community Mental Health Agencies refused to have a reasonable conversation about the adverse effects of the drugs and the iatrogenic harm being inflicted on my son, none would even consider lowering the dose.  NO choice, NO voice, No Consent, No Ethics, No matter the Cognitive Decline; No matter what.

My son's care and the drugs are paid for by Medicaid.  It is and has been Medicaid Law for over two decades that all mental health treatment paid for by Medicaid is to be directed by the person receiving it; in the case of a child, directed by their parent, or guardian.  At the time, when my son was at Child Study and Treatment Center, even Wards of the State were to have a parent's consent for psychiatric treatment, if they were under thirteen; and when over thirteen if they lacked capacity.  My son could not hold a conversation for longer than a couple of minutes---there is no way in hell a meaningful conversation about risks and benefits of any kind was possible!  It was in fact the policy of the State of Washington that no State employee had the authority to authorize the administration of psychotropic drugs to Wards of the State, it was considered a liability, Jon McClellan, Quack Master Jack, is a State employee, and he was the only one authorizing the administration of drugs to my child;  I will assume the other children who were state wards as well.

It was shortly after I brought my son home in 2005 that the State of Washington developed a psychotropic drug policy for children in State custody--not surprisingly, it protects the State, and not the children to whom it applies.  Children in State custody when a parent is not available are supposed to have a special advocate appointed, for obvious reasons... For the drugs and the mental health services to be reimbursable by the Federal Medicaid Program; my son and I are to be DIRECTING his care.  It has been Federal Law for well over two DECADES and yet----WE are given NO CHOICE and allowed NO VOICE long ago and to this very day.  I can't help but worry about who is watching out for the children in state care who don't have family to take them home, and don't have a MadMother...

Children in State foster care need of care and protection.  
All adults who are awake and have a conscience have a duty to children in State Custody.  

Foster children count on of ALL of  US.
The state is a poor parent and has little to no accountability.

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