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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Mar 25, 2011

Friday Funny

This my response to those who felt it necessary to call me and others in the Psychiatric Survivor movement "nutjobs"  These individuals do not like my writing, or my stated position on mental health issues; particularly in regards to consent and Constitutional Rights issues, nonetheless they continue to troll my blog...These individuals also do not seem to comprehend the written word, so maybe this video will help them understand that I do not wish to be bothered by them any further:


Natalie said...

Sometimes, with folks who refuse to engage in calm and reasonable debate, indeed, those two little words are about the only appropriate response! (And as a hearing person who happens to be fluent in ASL...I LOVE this video.) :)

Keep doing what you're doing, Becky, and fighting the good fight - you're an inspiration to so many. I'm honored to be called a "nutjob" right along with you any day!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment and your support! It is truly appreciated. The advocacy and care I willingly and gratefully do for my son, has brought many blessings to my life; one of these blessings is you.

Unknown said...

Nutjob's unite, in time we will normalize a very human plight and stop the stupidity of reacting to mental anguish with fear and blindly viewing it as illness.

Keep up the fantastic work Becky:))

Unknown said...


Thanks for your comment and support! It is a shame we are having to defend against capricious stupidity as well. It is what it is!

Human distress is simply a human response to a life experience which the individual is at a loss about how to deal with at the moment. Moments back to back without relief create more distress which seems to then grow exponentially.

The biggest threat to an individual in distress, does NOT come from themselves, IMHO. It comes from society itself. It comes from people who fail to recognize the additional burden they put upon the person in distress by projecting judgement, fear, lack of understanding and compassion, and displaying unwillingness to help or learn how to help, outwardly--thereby in effect, separating themselves from and blaming the distressed person for being in distress! This also very effectively absolves some members of society;(in their own minds)excuses them from the searching and fearless self-examination which then leads to abdicating responsibility for how their own behavior and reaction/response towards the person in distress adds to the distress experienced.

It is this failure, whether it is intentional or not, or simply anosognosia, that motivates these people to CONTROL; rather than effectively help people experiencing distress. In spite of the fact we humans effect one another, some people seem to want to pretend that they have NOTHING to do with whether or not the person in distress develops a chronic condition; and whether or not they become disabled by it.

That we humans effect one another in infinitesimal ways means we can help one another in just as many ways; it means each of us can be transformed and enabled by those around us to achieve our true full potential.

The bio-psychiatric paradigm devotees who seemingly believe that these conditions develop in a biological vacuum, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, are a threat to individual autonomy and liberty.

Lack of personal responsibility is at the root of this mindset. Truly horrifying when one considers these are the very people who choose to then become vocal "advocates" and "policy makers" for those in distress...God forgive them, I'm trying...

As for the name, I've been called worse...Considering those with whom I share my "nutjob" status; it is both an honor and a privilege.



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