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Jun 22, 2012

Saturday Survivors: Joshua

This is a the first of what I hope will be many times I feature the Human Rights advocacy of members of

My first "Saturday Survivor" is from Ireland.  Not a psychiatric survivor in the traditional or usual sense, but a survivor of psychiatric harm nonetheless. Suffer the little children...
This is Joshua, he lives in Cork, Ireland with his sister, Hazel and his mum, Grainnie.

Joshua's dad is confined at a hospital.  John Hunt has been held at Carraig Mor for Josh's entire life.  
In the video below you can see Josh and his sister, Hazel at a MindFreedom Ireland event. 
Learn more about "Free John Hunt" here.
MindFreedom Ireland
Having a Revolution.
A Love Revolution for the Human Rights of People with a Psychiatric Diagnosis 
The "Alchemy in the Wards" video shows many of  members of MindFreedom Ireland 
Lyrics: by Grainne Humphys   Music: by Mary Maddock

My friend Chloe is seven and she likes this song; only she won't say the naughty word  when she sings it!  She just smiles...So don't get me in trouble kiddo...A song for Joshua:

first published 3-12-2011 


LoveRevolutionary said...

I am so moved that you chose Joshua as your first 'Saturday Survivor'. When Joshua was just 3 he said "My Daddy is stuck in a block". It is heart-breaking. He has conducted most of his relationship with his Dad in the locked visitor's room, apart from a few hours out on Saturdays.

This last year I have noticed (as Joshua heads for 5) that he protects himself from the hurt of this situation and he is angry. He watches other kids with their Dads and he is confused and feels angry with his Dad. He is not fully aware of the greater forces at play, though I have explained it in simple terms. He just views it as rejection and his Dad is unable to care for him in any real way. He latches on to other male mentors though which is good. He is Father-hungry for that male energy.

We LOVE "the bullshit song" as Joshua and Hazel call it!!!!! We got to meet Daniel a few times when he edited his new film in Ireland. The kids adored him. He is so great with kids. He was so full of compassion and anger for our situation and especially for Josh.

A man that Joshua adores - as well as his grandfathers, uncles and extended family - and who has supported us lots along with his partner Michelle, is Brian Hartnett of Hearing Voices Ireland. Joshua adores Brian and Brian really cares for Joshua. He doesn't see him too often but when they do connect, it's quality time. In fact, the last time Brian came to stay Joshua said, "Don't leave it so long till the next time!"

He can't express his feelings so openly with his own Dad because he is protecting himself from enormous hurt.

Yes, our Love Revolution is well and truly kicking off in Ireland!! Hugs, Gráinne

Unknown said...


I picked Joshua after seeing the video--with him and Hazel demonstrating. I was so struck by the scene--a wee one asking to have his Dad released--Made me feel MadProud! Utterly pissed off too!

I know only too well the devastating impact having a family member held involuntarily, with no end in sight, has on a family. There is nothing right about Human Rights violations.

What you describe about Joshua's emotions and how he expresses them seems totally natural, for a child his age. I really think it is important that whatever he feels, he be assured that it is safe to express it. I know that you are a good mum and are tending to his needs---I understand your needing to share, what your little boy says. I know all too well how it can tear a mom up to not be able to "save" a child. Being powerless to prevent the situations that life requires some to learn such so unfairly; so young. It is what it is. Thankfully, Joshua and Hazel have a MadMother!

MadProud of you Grainne! Hugs from my family to yours...



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