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Apr 20, 2011

In Real Life: I Have a Constitution of My Own

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It is really truly disappointing to learn almost every day of how truly corrupted mental heath care and everything to do with it can be, and has been, in my family's experience.  What is done in real world practice is so far from helpful. A seriously corrupted knowledge base and entirely false history is being used in the  curriculum, the "practice parameters" and the "standard clinical practices."   Well, I guess more accurately, only information that supports the "bio-medical public social control policy" that psychiatry has evolved into.  A social control strategy that uses Courts Orders enforce treatment compliance with a drug regimen or electroshock to patients, calling this "medical treatment" does not make it ethical or medical in nature.  This policy is the Law in 46 states; several of which have people begging for help to defend their Individual and their Parental Constitutional Rights.  Parents of minor and adult children, Husbands, Wives, and other family members are excluded if instead of the psychiatrist, they support a family member's Human Right to not be given psychiatric "treatment" against their will.  

I was stunned by one  psychiatrist's response to what happened to my son.  Stunned because I never would have guessed, he would be anything less than horrified about the criminal behavior of so=called mental health professionals, and supportive of hoding them legally accountable.  He told me that any parent who objects to drug regimens prescribed to a child, would at best, be perceived as "ill-informed" and at worst, "impaired themselves."  In effect, NO ONE, not even a parent of a child, has the right to say, "No" to a psychiatrist's treatment recommendation to take a prescribed psychiatric drug!  The bio-medical model for treating distress; the effects of traumatic injuries from abuse, neglect, or traumatic life events as if is a "disease" or a "chemical imbalance"---is not working---for whole lot people.  Besides my son, I have three friends who are all severely physically and cognitively impaired from the adverse effects of psychotropic drugs, NOT better, but obviously much worse because of neuroleptic, or antipsychotoic, drugs specifically. 

Every single psychiatrist I have talked to when seeking help for my son has misinformed us, two have lied to my face and then immediately demanded my respect.  Since they were taught the biases they have in Institutions of Higher Learning, I used to have some compassion and understanding. I am fresh out of both for right now: What  I am most aware of is the devastating impact the drugs have had on my son.  I am more concerned about how psychiatrists can do further harm, and act with impunity---I know there is no legal protection from the criminal behavior of psychiatrists and Designated Mental Health Professionals in the state we live in. Professionals who do not conform to any ethical, moral or legal standards in "practicing medicine;" not even the Nuremberg Code, have no problem committing fraud and perjury and know they can get away with it. The Constitution of the United States, and the individual rights protections spelled out in Washington State's Involuntary Treatment Act are only words when Procedural Due Process of Law, Rules of Evidence and Standard Court Procedures are ignored; and Effective Assistance of Counsel are not provided. 

I thought that every single State and US elected public servant took an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution?  I see no evidence that this is oath is taken seriously at all. In fact I am aware of a whole lot of evidence that The United States Constitution is under attack, by some who are elected to public office.  The people who are labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis are without the protection of the US Constitution.  Maryann Godboldo, and her daughter; Elizabeth Ellis, Cindy Potter, Allison Hymes, and Chris Bushe are all people who have pleaded for help when their Constitutional Rights were violated by Mental Health "professionals" and/or CPS workers.  

 I can tell you from personal experience, that Federally Funded Child Welfare and CPS programs run by the states have been denying parents their Parental Rights under the US Constitution for decades; both my rights and my son's were violated for years when trying to get help for him.  My son was the victim of violent crime at the age of three, in the Washington State foster care system.  IMHO, the lack of accountability, and failure to follow their own guidelines and implement their own policies to safeguard children, has a great deal to do with how many children are in fact in "the system," and why there is a breakdown in Family Values in this Country--the social service systems that society entrusts to provide services for people sometimes appear to put more effort into preserving the bureaucratic structures, at the expense of the children, adults and families that need social services. 

The loss of precious time with my son, and denial of my Parental Right to make decisions on his behalf can not be restored retroactively. It is an added cruelty that the people who are hiding crimes committed against my son, not only failed to protect him, but effectively prevented me from protecting him as well.  Until there is individual accountability among those who effectively are the social service safety net, there is NO WAY the mental health and child welfare systems can be safe, effective or ethical.  It is individuals whose actions and failures to act cause harm; not "the system" itself! It is only individuals who can fail to protect and defend children and vulnerable adults.  It is individuals, not "the system" who betray the public's trust by failing to perform their jobs with ethical integrity. I know people who are criminally negligent in performing a legal duty owed to those they serve, need to be held accountable.  I know they are in fact actually held accountable...  

I know that some of the people who committed crimes to cover up others crimes, which harmed MY son still work for the State of Washington; some have retired with pensions, some work for other agencies.  Some crimes are old and the reason the pain is still so much with me is once again, last summer, felony crimes were committed against my son which I reported. Once again, there was no criminal investigation...

Protection and Advocacy "We don't..." Mental Health Ombudsman, "We don't..."  The State of Washington DSHS Mental Health Division Complaint Manager, Ronald Moorhead, conferred with Assistant Attorneys General before not sending a request to the Washington State Patrol (mandated reporters are required by Law to inform Law Enforcement about Crimes victimizing vulnerable adults) to initiate an investigation by Law Enforcement.  No investigation into the Felony Perjury and Fraud; Civil Rights Crimes committed Under Color Of Law in a Superior Court Proceeding. The "treatment" of Jeffery Jennings, the highest paid employee of Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health at just under $300,000. a year, was abusive, unethical and medically negligent. Jennings also intentionally falsified my son's medical chart, which is also a crime.  

Both Nancy Sherman, the DMHP, and Jeffery Jennings, a psychiatrist committed perjury, and Ms. Sherman also committed fraud when she forged a Court Document when detaining my son. The agency they work for, Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Heath shredded all the Original Documents.  These Original Documents were Yakima County Superior Court Records: it was illegal to shred them.  It would also be a serious violation of the contract between CWCMH and Yakima County and the GCBH RSN, as well as the State of Washington.  These "professionals" were acting under Color of Law for Yakima County and the State of Washington, when they violated my son's Constitutional Rights.  These two CWCMH employees were acting Under Color of Law and in acting illegally made the County, the State, Memorial Hospital and the non-profit mental health clinic they work for all  parties to violating Federal Law by violating my son's Individual Rights under the US Constitution.

The Deputy Prosecutor, Dan Polage, submitted what he knew to be Perjured Testimony and had to know that the Affidavit Nancy Sherman submitted was a forgery.  The prosecutor suborned perjury in support of these two 'mental health professionals.'  He had to know the Documents were perjured, yet he offered them as evidence in the Yakima County Superior Court--I spoke to him three times at length--He knew the rules of evidence were ignored by CWCMH employees who committed felonies in performance of jobs---he proceeded anyway.   He failed to conduct even the most simple of fact finding investigation: Sending a Yakima Police Officer to my home to see if I have a TV--The Court was told it was 'smashed to pieces' by my son, in an effort to assert Isaac was/is "dangerous."  This  made Yakima County and Washington State parties to violating my son's Civil Rights.   
does this TV look 'smashed to pieces'?
A Court Order of Involuntary Commitment in which liberty is lost, carries a permanent stigma.  People in Washington State are put on a State wide tracking system, lose their gun rights and the law says if you have been court ordered in the past; this fact can be used to court order a person in the future. Dan Polage committed the crime of presenting the perjured statement of Jeffery Jennings to the Yakima County Superior Court---he knew it was not based on any first hand knowledge since No One in my family ever spoke to Jeffery Jennings directly--except for Isaac, when he told him three times to leave him alone to be ignored three times; ultimately, Isaac told him to, "get the F*@! out of my room!"   This event Jennings recorded in Isaac's hospital chart stating that he became 'agitated' (but naturally did not say WHY) and Jennings then drugged him in the middle of the day, and made it a standing order that became part of the ongoing Court Ordered treatment---Who would not have became upset to be disrespected in their own hospital room by someone you have never met, and have no reason to trust?  Jennings ignored repeated requests from Isaac; apparently because he lacked the insight required to comprehend that a request to be left alone should be honored---apparently Jennings did not think he should listen to or respect his patient.  

Assigned Counsel, Jennifer Lesmez, who was appointed to defend my son's liberty, put on NO defense at all--in the audio transcript it is only her voice that is heard, and then, the Judge's as he grants the Court Order.  It took all of one minute and twenty six seconds for the hearing. These public servants stripped my son of his Constitutional Rights, and for the hearing to only take ONE MINUTE AND TWENTY SIX SECONDS--obviously gave no thought to my son's human dignity or his Constitutional Rights; NO thought at all... Isaac's brother, Nathan, and I both spoke with Ms. Lesmez at length; she knew false testimony was used to obtain the order to detain her client; and did not challenge it; indeed, she put on no defense whatsoever.  The Case Manager with Aging and Long Term Care who came to the house after this mockery of Jurisprudence; and also learned that the evidence offered in the complaints filed by by Nancy Sherman and Jeffery Jennings could not possibly have been true.  The case manger was promptly reassigned; without explanation.  

The proponents of Forced Drugging and electroshock insist that Individual Rights are protected when Court Orders are sought.  They are mistaken,or naive enough to believe that the protections being described within the text of the civil commitment statute, is what provides the protection of an individual's rights... Having protections clearly defined and codified in the Law, can not, provide the protection; it can only identify and define what the protections are. 

The only attorney in Central Washington who advertises as specializing in defending those faced with Civil Commitment told me that while he worked for Yakima County Office of Assigned Counsel, in one year he was assigned 700 cases.  Almost three times the number that is recommended, for an attorney to defend. The man actually admitted that he only mounted a defense for three out of 700; so one third of one percent of his clients he defended?!?  I almost vomited when he said this.   It was surreal; he apparently thought there is nothing shameful about formerly being Assigned Counsel for Yakima County and failing to mount a defense for his clients in 697 cases!  It was obviously a waste of time to consult with such an unethical idiot.  He asked for a five thousand dollar retainer to defend my son---with his experience; it is obvious hiring him would have been comparable to having NO Defense Attorney--or, just like having one which my son was assigned.   

Having these protections defined and written into the Law, DOES not mean they in fact EXIST, it is not the words which provide the protection for goodness sake!  The Law only protects Constitutional Rights when Standard Court Procedures are followed; Rules of Evidence used; Proper Notice served; Proof of Service is filed with the Court Clerk; and Effective Assistance of Counsel is provided; all of these elements are required to preserve Individual Rights. Rights are not protected or defended when any of these protections are not ethically executed with due dilegence.  The person is, in effect, and IN Reality, denied their Individual Rights to Procedural Due Process of Law, under The United States Constitution.  Individual Rights are to protect the individual against abuses of power and authority; the exact nature of the crimes perpetrated by people who are paid public servants: state authorized and Federally Funded Medicaid Service Providers, a Yakima County Deputy Prosecutor, and Yakima County Assigned Counsel for the Defense who victimized my son.

In the last 17 years I have witnessed outright fraud, corruption and unethical and illegal behavior from numerous psychiatrists and other mental health 'professionals' and public employees;  I have recently concluded that the Law , not even the Preeminent Law of the Land; is respected by psychiatry nor are it's protections perceived by mental health professionals as relevant, or applicable to the people with psychiatric diagnoses whom they owe their primary Duty to.  The criminal complaint I have filed on my son's behalf, has not been investigated.

Sometimes I wonder how would we, as a family, would have been different if I had been able to get the help my son needed?  Foolish thoughts...But I do sometimes wonder, and try to figure out what I can do now---to help my son believe that the world can be a safe and beautiful place.  I pray that he comes to know that he does not have to allow the actions of others define who he is; or limit what he can accomplish.  And then I wonder--am I trying to convince him of something that is true?   

I will stick to what I know to be true---The United States Constitution is my American Gospel.  God Loves Justice. I pray my son will come to know with every fiber of his being that both he and his Constitutional Rights are worthy of respect and protection.  No man with any authority can rightly take away his birthright; no man can rightly judge my son to be less than worthy of equal protection under the law. Since these things have been done to my son, I have come to realize that having a Constitution of my own, may have to be enough...

The Serenity Prayer was written by Reinhold Niebuhr, a well known theologian in the United states in the 30's 40's and 50's who was often quoted in the press, and had a couple of books published as well.  Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. wrote an essay about Niebuhr that was published in the NYTimes in 2005 titled, Forgetting Reinhold Niebuhr here is the last paragraph:
"The last lines from "The Irony of American History," an essay written in 1952, resound more than a half-century later.  "If we should perish, the ruthlessness of the foe would be only the secondary cause of the disaster. The primary cause would be that the strength of a giant nation was directed by eyes too blind to see all the hazards of the struggle; and the blindness would be induced not by some accident of nature or history but by hatred and vainglory."  Reinhold Niebuhr

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