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Sep 7, 2011

It's Grace

Robert Whitaker's book, Anatomy of an Epidemic,  like Mad in America before it, is well written and speaks eloquently of the mistreatment of people in distress who are given dangerous drugs for their symptoms. They are told the drugs are "safe and effective" treatment.   The fact of the matter, as Robert Whitaker reports, is that none of these drugs corrects an identified dysfunction.  That does not mean the drugs are not helpful to some people; but the drugs do not help everyone who takes them.  

For me personally, this book was not an easy read.  Some people the drugs do not "help" but harm; my son is one of them.  Psychiatric drugs  alter brain chemistry, cause metabolic and endocrine dysfunction and iatragenic illnesses; and sometimes for some people, the drugs alleviate symptoms enough for the benefits to be worth the risk of negative effects and potential harm---if the patient has even been informed of the serious risks...Many are in fact not told of the risks.  I know I was never told.  I know that effects of the drugs were attributed to my son's worsening "psychiatric illness;" and I know every single psychiatrist who has seen my son has misled, if not outright lied to me about the drug's effects.
I know there are parents who have buried a child who were not even told death was a known risk--Imagine not even being told it is a possibility that psychiatric drugs taken as prescribed, could in fact kill your child, or disable them, so that they need assistance and supervision the rest of their life.   Imagine the additional betrayal when these parents find out the drug was not even approved for use in children, or that it was known by the maker and by the FDA who approved the drug, that the drug can cause your child to commit suicide, or cause their sudden death or compel them to commit homicide.  Imagine that you, as a parent are not told the known serious risks, and give your child the drug; believing that because it's FDA approved, and the doctor says it's "correcting" an imbalance or treating a brain disorder, you believe  it's safe.    I have given my son drugs as prescribed, and it is a painful truth to know that these drugs have harmed him; that he is disabled because of them.  

Neuroleptics are making so much money for pharma and it's stockholders, they are now given to virtually everybody, for any of diagnosis/symptom whatsoever.  So, the "most successful drugs" are not judged by how many are enabled to recover good health, in any way shape or form; but by how many people can be conned, coerced or forced to take them; even if it means getting a court order.  These are drugs that cause brains to literally shrink---and a host of other horrifying effects---they are not like insulin for diabetes!  How medical or scientific is it to prescribe drugs to treat symptoms they are in fact known to cause?  Antidepressants can cause people to become suicidal, and neuroleptics, called antipsychotics can cause psychosis!  

Neuroleptics are being used to "treat" aggressive behavior--even though they are known exacerbate and cause aggression!  Neuroleptics and antidepressants can cause Akisthesia, a relentless inner torment; Akisthesia is a fairly common negative effect of neuroleptic drugs.  A person who has Akisthesia often perceives it to be a threat when approached, or accosted---in any way.  Instead of mental health professionals having any compassion for the victims of this common negative effect of the drugs, this iatrogenic condition is then used by some mental health professionals as a further justification for robbing a person of their dignity, their Constitutional Rights, and their liberty.  Professionals attribute this negative effect and the fact that it is a sign of neurological damage which can be permanent---even if drugs are stopped---to a patient's psychiatric diagnosis.  Some professionals actually use it as  "evidence" for obtaining Court Orders to "treatment" with neuroleptic drugs, the very thing that caused the Akisthesia in the first place!  

There are laws and public policies to make sure you get what the doctor orders--if it kills you, makes you sick or disables you---is of little consequence apparently.  "Mental health professionals" can do that, they have the power to use the law with impunity to gain "medication compliance" or to force a person to have "electroshock treatment."  The risk of death, brain injury, Tardive Dyskinesia, Akisthesia, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, heart disease, diabetes and if any of these conditions result---there is no recourse???   

My son was given Risperdal a decade before it was approved---and there is no way in hell that it wasn't because of J&J marketing scam.  He was given Risperdal to treat his aggression!  The sense of betrayal was overwhelming, when I read the science behind this  practice.   How in the hell is it that if any doctor has the right to decide for me and my son that it is alright to prescribe such dangerous "treatment," and insist it is safe and effective?   Psychiatry have proceeded to lie to patients and parents, exploiting the trust we historically had for the Medical Profession. Calling the adverse effects "side effects," is inaccurate; they are iatrogenic injuries inflicted by psychiatrists who have drugged our loved ones into disability, and perhaps, an early grave. Calling it supporting the patient, psychitrists enlist family members as accomplices to grievous harm, dispensing the doses psychiatrists have prescribed?!  You can't say "no" because psychiatrists have police powers to detain and drug our loved ones Under Color of Law, by force?!  What the hell is wrong with this picture?

What I really want to know is when the Department of Justice is going to address the Civil Rights Violations, the fraud and the perjury that are being used when obtaining Court Orders for Involuntary Drugging and electroshock "treatments"?   Why does the FDA fail so utterly and completely to protect the American people from dangerous drugs?  When are we going to STOP the massive amount of Medicaid fraud which continues to decimate the Medicaid budget?  

Requiring parents to relinquish custody to get mental health services for their child is in fact a violation of the parent's Constitutional Rights; and has been against Federal Statutes governing the federally funded child welfare and Medicaid programs for decades---yet the States continue to do it, and the Feds allow it to go unpunished.  It is the children and their families who are the primary victims, but the taxpayers are also victims because it is the taxpayers who are  funding this pharmaceutical farce masquerading as Evidence Based Medicine; it is fraud and corruption committed by unethical professionals.  Public servants are not serving the public any better than they are the children and families who are being "served." Some families are ultimately financially and emotionally destroyed; some families lose their children altogether because they asked for help; others lose their children because, someone else thought they needed help.  

When is the Department of Justice going to prosecute the unethical professionals responsible for maiming and killing people not just the Corporate entities who still make a killing by killing us and our kids?  Doctors wrote the prescriptions and pharmacists filled them, for all those "off-label" fraudulently marketed prescriptions!  The drug companies are dirty rotten, it's true; but it was unethical doctors who lied to me, doctors who drugged my son into a state of disability using drugs not APPROVED for use in children.  It was psychiatrists like Quack Master Jack, Jon McClellan, who gave my son massive amounts of teratogenic drugs; drugs which robbed him of his physical health and his brilliant mind.  It was doctors who wrote the prescriptions which were fraudulently billed to Medicaid and which are responsible for crippling and killing children!  It was doctors like Quack Master Jack, Jon McClellan, who wrote guidelines for other medical professionals instructing exactly how to use neuroleptics and other psychiatric drugs "off label," an innocuous term for what is actually more accurately described as Human Experimetation. 

It was Quack Master Jack who disabled my son, 
while repeatedly telling me I had no say.  

It is the psychiatrists who are abusing their authority to drug a child over a parent's objections.  As Charles Huffine, MD a founding member of CAFETY stated in an email: "Parents who objected to medical treatment they would see as at best ill informed and at worst impaired themselves."  This in effect, means parents do not have the right to say no to a prescription for drugs that may disable and kill their child.

It is the doctors who NEED to be held responsible  for their crimes---It is a criminal to give someone a combination of drugs, with a REAL risk of fatality or disability and not inform the patient or the parent of a child of the known risks.  Or tell them that the diagnosis itself is arbitrarily applied and based on opinions not "medical conditions" NEEDING teratogenic drugs to "effectively treat" it!  The risks for disability and death are inherent, known risks!    

In Yakima, a community mental health clinic will diagnose a person with schizophrenia, then lie to the adult patient and tell them the neuroleptic drugs prescribed are "for sleep."   It was done to my elder son, Nathan;  I know others this has been done to. He was not told he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, so he was purposely lied to, he was never told of any of the serious risks, or even warned about the horrible adverse negative effects for the neuroleptics prescribed to him, he was told, "for sleep."  This is what passes for "practicing medicine," and providing "client-directed mental health care" as Medicaid guidelines require for mental health services to be legally reimbursable through the Federal Medicaid program here in Yakima!  It is criminal, it is Medicaid fraud.  How did it become acceptable, to lie to patients and parents?  

My son Isaac is altered and is not who he would have been, and he says he is not who he wanted to be. I want to know why this horrifying chain of events happened to my little boy.  He was traumatized due to being the victim of violent crime and then drugged into a profound state of disability; used in Drug Trials that were funded by NIMH over my objections. It took me almost two years to rescue him from a "psychiatric researcher," after Quack Master Jack had put on paper my son no longer needed to be in the State of Washington's psychiatric facility for children.  WHY is this "researcher" STILL the Medical Director?! I want to know why I was not allowed to protect my own son?  I have read The US Constitution and Washington State Law; I was supposed to have a say.  In 1979 the US Supreme Court affirmed my Constitutional Rights as a parent to make mental health treatment decisions for my children, long before they were even born; yet I was denied my right to protect my son, Isaac.  I was repeatedly told by Quack Master Jack, Jon McClellan, I had no say!  I want Justice for my son---I want Justice for the parents who have lost their children.  I NEED to know this isn't going to keep happening to other people's children; even if they are wards of the State. (especially if they are!) 

In my experience, The State of Washington  protects itself; not the children in it's care.   If one more person tells me how lucky I am to have my son; I might just slap them!   It is not luck; it is by the Grace of God alone, that my precious my son is even still alive.  

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