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Sep 8, 2011

Alert Issued by Military Officers Association of America

via: Military Officers Association of America

Don't Undermine The All Volunteer Force

Action Alert
Don't Undermine The All Volunteer Force

The “debt deal” levied a $350 billion defense cut with the potential for much more.  Congress, the Administration, the Pentagon and several commissions and task forces have recommended initiatives to dramatically reduce military retirement value, increase beneficiary health care fees, end commissary funding, and more.
Please use this MOAA-suggested message to urge your elected officials to resist initiatives that would undermine the all volunteer force and readiness by significantly devaluing these core career incentives.
Use the link below to take action to support our Military!


Discover and Recover said...


Thank-you for the 'heads-up'.
Signed the form.

My best,


Unknown said...


Passing information like this along is the only thing I can other than pray for the men and women who serve in the Military. I am glad to do it.

Thanks for letting me know it was helpful.


Discover and Recover said...


It's very thoughtful.

And as someone who has many family members (and extended family members) who served (all enlisted, no officers), in many war eras, several campaigns, every branch of the service... I'm very grateful to them, and to you as well... Deeply grateful.

In the words of my brother-in-law, along with his "brothers" in the Marine Corps, I would like to say thank you for being "always faithful."

Or as Santos, a Gunnery Sergeant would say, "Thank you for being "Semper Fidelis."

God bless,



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