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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Sep 30, 2012


A thirty day supply of the 4 teratogenic psychiatric drugs my son takes: $1,124.17

Number prescribed for Tardive Dyskinesia?: 1

Number of prescriptions taken daily known to cause iatrogenic injuries and cognitive impairment: 4

Number of drugs that were FDA-approved for pediatric: Zero.

Number of prescription drugs my son takes that the FDA has since approved for use in children 13 and older?: 0

My son was further victimized, traumatized and ultimately disabled by a doctor who acted with impunity; he abused my son, abused his medical authority, and disregarded medical ethics altogether.   More than a million dollars was stolen from the American people by the Children's Administration employees of Washington State that intentionally defrauded Federal programs by making my son a Ward of the State. In effect, public servants robbed my friends, my neighbors and my family to pay for what was done to my son. Knowing that I was deprived of my Constitutional Rights as a parent, and was not allowed to protect my own son is something I cannot forget. Knowing I was deprived of my parental rights to act in my son's best interest and make medical decisions on his behalf without Procedural or Substantive Due Process of Law by Jon McClellan. Aresearch psychiatrist and the medical director of CSTC said he didn't need my Informed Consent. A coerced assent from my traumatized child? Absolutely priceless!

This is a MadMother MasterCard moment...

I was told if I didn't sign A Consent to Place agreement, I would be portrayed by the State as being unwilling to ACT IN MY SON'S "Best Interests." There was a Team Child Attorney who had been involved for years--whose Federal mandate is to preserve and defend my son's Constitutional Rights as a disabled child; another Officer of the Court who failed their duty to my son...When I asked why can't the real reason for the Consent to Place Agreement (to provide for my son's medical care due to being beat up and put in a closet and never receiving the recommended treatment for his traumatic injuries) be stated on the petition; I was told that was not allowed!  They ALL knew what was being done was ILLEGAL and advised me to go along with it, or "it would make me look bad." Years later, I learned that day, at that hearing was the ONLY opportunity the Law allowed for me to state for the record the facts which the "professionals" said couldn't be used...My Attorney failed to advise me of my right to do so; in fact he advised I just go along or the State would make me look bad...I was assured that I retained my parental rights to provide Consent to all Medical Treatment for my son...Those parental rights are now, and were then, preserved according to State and Federal Law.  

I'm not the one who looks bad. I'm not an Officer of the Court. I have never perjured myself in a Court of Law. I learned what my rights are; I researched dependency and mental health law; and learned what Court Procedures needed to be followed and suuccessfully sought my son's release from a locked psychiatric facility. By the Grace of God, I finally brought my son home January 5, 2005. 

All I had was the Law, the truth, and a naive belief that in a Court of Law, the law and the truth are all that is required...

original June 2011 updated for accuracy

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