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Dec 18, 2011


via NBC10 Philadelphia:
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There has been a resolution for James Curran, who appeared on NBC10 @ Issue in September to detail how his benefits were in danger of being cut because of his new job. Curran tells Steve Highsmith the answer is included a little known Medicaid waiver program.
By - Steve Highsmith - Catherine Brown|Dec 16, 2011

by Jimmy Curran on 

Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 11:43am

Hey, I know many of you, but for those who I do not know, my name is Jimmy Curran and I'm a recent graduate of Temple University.  I am also a person with a physical disability.  College was the most amazing time of my life, thanks to many of you who gave me your friendship.  I made friends for a lifetime, got involved in several student organizations, and did two internships, but none of this would have been possible without the support of the State, which paid for my medical services in the amount of $183,000 per year!

Now, with 9.1% unemployment I have been fortunate enough to get a job with Independence Blue Cross!  Still very excited about starting my career, I learned that I risked LOSING ALL OF MY MEDICAL SERVICES because I am choosing to go to work.  Currently I receive medical services under the Independence waiver, which I qualify for because I receive Social Security Income (SSI) and meet the medical criteria.  Since I am going to be earning income and no longer receiving SSI, I need to transfer to the Act 150 waiver, which is for individuals who meet the medical criteria AND work.  However, there is a waiting list of 250 people!!  If I begin work, which I am going to on Monday, before getting on Act 150, I will lose my services in one month as I will be over the income cap!  

This is completely illogical!  The state helped pay for my college tuition, they paid for my medical services, and now that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, they're telling me I can't go to work!  Financially it also makes no sense.  I'm no longer going to receive SSI, which is money out of the government's pocket, I'm going to pay taxes on my income, I'll be assessed a co-pay under the Act 150 waiver, AND the cost will be almost 50% of the current cost because my skilled nursing (LPN services) will be replaced by un-skilled nursing. 

Please help me raise awareness of this civil rights issue.  I am not going to stop fighting until the State makes this right, but I am only one person.  Please help by calling Senator Leach's Office at 610-768-3108 and emailing at, and calling Kevin Hancock, the Acting Deputy Secretary of the Office of Long-Term Living at 717-772-0203, to let them know the people do not agree with this!!!!  Without your help, this issue will not be resolved.  Also, look out for the article tomorrow in the Inquirer about this dilemma.

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