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Dec 17, 2011

It's alright to be in the dark because I know there is light

Everybody has heard the adage that what does not kill you, makes you stronger.  I think it's funny in a way because although I believe this to be true; when I am in the process of going through something, I don't feel strong at all--I feel utterly powerless.  

Spiritually, recognizing and accepting my powerlessness is what gives me any power at all; it is the only thing that ever has.  I have to accept that I am powerless in order to have any ability to transcend whatever difficulty I have.  It is only in accepting that I am powerless, that I have developed, learned, or been granted whatever it is that enables me to being strong.  

It's alright to be in the dark because I know there is light   

via PsyPost:

Whatever does not kill you: Traumatic experiences have silver lining

an excerpt:
In one study, Seery and his colleagues found that people who experienced many traumatic life events were more distressed in general—but they also found that people who had experienced no negative life events had similar problems.  read here.

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