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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Feb 5, 2012

full disclosure updated

I'm read a blog post written by a practicing psychiatrist who is considering retirement and looking back on his career lamenting his sense of betrayal for supposedly only recently discovering the truth about the entrenched systemic corruption and fraud in psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.  It is good that more psychiatrists are finally acknowledging the reality of what is happening... I am just not feeling all that much empathy for professionals who feel betrayed, and I am skeptical of professionals who claim a lack of insight and awareness of what has been happening in the mental health field---I can't help but wonder if the delay is at least partly due to going along to get along, a passive complicity or just willful blindness.  The fact that The American Psychiatric Association failed to develop or enforce effective ethical standards among it's membership, does not turn individual psychiatrists into unwitting victims.  Simply because an individual (presumably) is not an active participant in marketing madness peddling psychotropic drugs, does not translate into being an unwitting victims, who has been betrayed. There is no for not using a medical license to practice being a pharma whore, doing the right thing, having ethical integrity is it's own reward.

I just don't understand how a high-school dropout like myself could an do research a decade ago, and in less than a week I had discovered the profession was based on deception and misinformation.  In less than a week, I had discovered ample evidence of the inefficacy of the drugs, and that coercion and emotional manipulation of patients and family members alike is standard practice. One does not need to be a doctor know that  lying to patients and family members about the actual nature of psychiatric diagnoses, and exaggerating the potential benefits and minimizing the risks, in effect, lying about the safety and effectiveness of the drugs is not therapeutic, does not engender trust, and is simply unethical.  

The manipulation of the truth, abuse of authority, the total control of data derived from academic research were all used as to social control mechanisms. To cotrol the public perception, and to control psychiatric patients in order to coerce treatment compliance. Obviously, not all psychiatrists practice in this manner. It is still difficult, if not impossible, for me to believe any psychiatrist with an ethical bone in their body was totally oblivious to the real world outcomes of psychiatric patients; or believed it was ethical to prescribe teratogenic drugs based on the pharmaceutical industy's fraudulent claims and marketing agendas, and to misinform patients and the general public about the teratogenic effects and the fatal risks...  

via David Bransford MD Blog On “Full Disclosure”
a couple excerpts:
"Too many patients, damaged by antipsychotics, Foster Kids on Atypicals with Obesity, Diabetes, and life long metabolic changes. Perhaps most disturbing, the Primary Care Docs and Nurse Practitioners prescribing SSRIs, SNRIs, 2GAPs for disruptive behaviors and situational depressions with clear family dysfunction that goes unaddressed. Local Community Mental Health Centers promoting aggressively Long Active Antipsychotics, just as the the Drug Detail Men/Women tell them…having no awareness of the flawed data nor ‘Dollars for Docs” influencing these trends.

"The so call (sic) “New Atypicals” are untested and carry an entirely new risk of Metabolic Syndrome in all cases..not just Zyprexa or Seroquel. And the newest “Me Too” 2GAs of Fanapt, Saphris, and Latuda are really not new at all, yet tested and approved usually on 6 week trials….trials that are flawed..." read here

a more realistic an ethical perspective from 1Boring Old Man:
sooner or later...

a couple of excerpts:
"New research on alleged overuse of psychotropic medications in both nursing-home and foster-care settings signals a need for better training of nonpsychiatric physicians and increased funding to bolster the mental health workforce" puts the blame on others. I expect that there’s plenty of blame to go around but that we psychiatrists and child psychiatrists own a significant share in our own right.  And I didn’t care much for this one either, "While APA acknowledged in its statement in conjunction with the Senate hearing that children in foster-care systems experience high rates of mental illness, it voiced support for the GAO’s recommendation that HHS issue formal guidance to state Medicaid and child-welfare agencies on best practices for monitoring the prescription of psychotropic medications for foster children." Medicine has been traditionally self regulating. I don’t hear the APA’s response as having any acknowledgement of that function. It’s a politically correct response with all the forcefulness of a feather.

"The problem here is not that people need just "formal guidance to state Medicaid and child-welfare agencies on best practices for monitoring the prescription of psychotropic medications for foster children." What’s needed is active censure of these practices with consequences from the APA on its members, the Certification Boards on their practitioners, and Licensing Boards on licensed physicians. Chronic, unjustified, overmedication of children is malpractice, not ignorance of guidelines. And, by the way, what is the APA for if not to set the tone for rational practice? here

an update February 7, 2011

It had been a while since I had visited this guy's blog--When I first visited his blog, it gave me the willies---because it was obvious he was totally invested in the bio-disease belief system/hypothesis and psychopharmacology reliant approach---which is not "evidence- based;" more accurately it is biased, flawed and bullshit-based... Patient recovery, i.e. real world outcome, are not what defines effective or successful psychiatric treatment; having a patient remain treatment compliant is how 'successful treatment' has been re-defined by psychiatry.  Maintaining  treatment compliance is more important than the actual effect of the treatment on a patient's overall health and well-being; the main treatment goal is to alter a patien'ts behavior so that the patient is less disturbing to others; easier to control...  

So this morning, I went back and read his about me page.   
He states that his primary research was in Physiological Psychology, and his Honors Thesis was on  Intracranial Stimulation in conjunction with psychotropic medications. OMFG! Then this: "When not seeing patients directly, he has a strong interest in teaching and promoting continuing medical education to family practitioners, nursing staff, case managers, and psychologists. He has a strong interest is in the field of psychopharma- cology, and many of his weekends are spent meeting with other psychopharmacologists and continually being updated in the field of Neuroscience." emphasis mine  

“ . . . No one is really paying attention to what’s going on. . . The issue is how many Medicaid kids are being drugged to death, not how many kids in fostercare are being over medicated." Grace. E. Jackson, M.D.

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Rossa Forbes said...

"I just don't understand how a high-school dropout like myself could an do research a decade ago, and in less than a week I had discovered the profession was based on deception and misinformation;"

Becky, "Bingo." I notice that this blogger didn't mention the fact that his patients had been telling him for decades that the meds were awful. He had eyes to see what was happening to them. You must be super smart, LOL. It took me at least a month to reach your conclusion.

It took a child to point out what everybody else suspected but wouldn't say - that the Emperor wore no clothes.

Becky said...


I really ain't buying the, 'I am a victim' line of bullshit. Psychiatric professionals who think they too are victims in this massive fraud, have an entirely different definition than I do, of what a victim is. I am getting real tired of the professionals who are abdicating all responsibility in how they themselves contributed, even passively to this tragedy. Worse, they fail to realize they had a duty aid and assist the REAL victims; and did not. These same professionals allowed the people that should have been censured, discredited and lost their medical licenses to LEAD them as a professional organization, to RUN the whole show, this lack of integrity is not simply on the part of the Quack Masters like Biederman, & Schatzberg and the rest of the leading quacks--it is a lack of integrity and a sense of duty to THE PATIENTS that the professional membership of the APA and the AACAP is guilty of. So no, I can't say I feel sorry for college educated adults who willingly went along with treatment protocols that were validated by a VOTE which have caused, and is causing grave harm to millions. Unlike the patients who are now disabled or dead; these professionals had a CHOICE. These professionals are not Court Ordered to be psychiatrists...


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