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Nov 3, 2013

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted...A story of a background check.  It's almost been fourteen years since I rescued my son Isaac from that hellhole they caged him in and brought him home in January of 2005. It's been bittersweet and wonderful; it's been tragic; All of it is taking it's toll in ways that are difficult to describe. I'm not who I was once, and am having difficulty accepting the reality I'm confronted with: my son has been abused. used, and was tortured for "treatment."  He was in reality used in human drug trials without permission, i.e. Informed Consent. He is a victim of Human Rights, i.e. individual Constitutional Rights crimes.

The way I see it, the same systems and at times, the same individuals, perpetrated misdemeanor and felony crimes; victimizing my son. The fact that my neighbors and my family members were defrauded, i.e. robbed through the Medicaid and child welfare programs to pay for the "Medical care" that was provided to my son while he was used as a guinea pig at the State of Washington's psychiatric research facility for children--WITHOUT parental consent. The state having custody was illegal--the purpose for the artifice, was to commit child welfare fraud. The feds would pay more towards the cost of my son's care if he were a foster kid, "in the system." It is in fact illegal to make children wards of the court for this purpose, it is Child Welfare fraud. I was told in Yakima County Superior Court, and both State and Federal Law required that my parental rights be preserved; they in fact were not to make medical decisions and provide Informed Consent would be preserved; yet, psychiatrist Jon McClellan, the Medical Director of Child Study and Treatment Center, repeatedly told me I had NO RIGHTS, assrrting it was a "courtesty" for him to speak to me at all about all the drugs he was "trialing" and presrcribing to my son off label, in spite of my repeated protests. He apparently "excluded" a diagnosis of Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy by removing it from my son's medical record. The diagnosis was no longer listed in his medical record when I brought him home---this change in my son's medical record is not the result of having a subsequent EEG, or any other neurological testing; it is entirely unexplained. When I asked McClellan how in the hell he could ethically make a definitive diagnosis of schizophrenia which is a diagnosis of exclusion, without first EXCLUDING a neurolgoical condition my son was diagnosed with; McClellan said it wasn't "necessary."

I believe what that son of a bitch did was decide to precipitously withdrawal my son off Johnson & Johnson's fucking Risperdal; my son had been an unwittting JNJ puinea pig for 5 fucking years by then...My son became floridly psychotic for YEARS---As God is my witness he lived in conditions which were unspeakable---had I ever had my child in such conditions---I would have been prosecuted, and rightly so. I will never forgive myself for not being able to stop them---I didn't rescue him soon enough. I know my son hasn't come back since...not all the way---I had no clue---I had no idea that CSTC is not a Hospital--I had been lead to believe it is a hospital and only discovered about a year ago that Child Study and Treatment Center was, and is, a psychiatric research facility. The state and its' employees have repeatedly abused their power and authority to commit fraud, and  other criminal acts i.e. Failure to Report failure to report   could be so much corruption and that we the people at my house can be run over the top of by public servants bhaving criminally with seeming impunity.

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