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Dec 13, 2010

We Are Blessed

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I was asked for an update on how my son is doing.  There have been no incidents, accidents or looming crisis to deal with.  Just life as it happens, moment by moment, one day at a time.  Isaac has been well and happy.  I have been doing the things that he leaves unfinished due to being distracted.  He noticed a few days ago, and asked, "Mom did you clean my room?"  I answered, "yes," without pointing out that I had been cleaning it for some time.  I just said yes.   He replied, "Thank you Mom."

He spends time with his brother on overnight visits, and likes watching movies with friends.

I spoke to Tony Sparber on December 9th to ask some questions about his investigation of my complaint on my son's behalf.  I was surprised to be asked by him why am I still upset after so much time has passed?  I was further surprised to be asked, is there a current crisis causing my distress?   There is no current crisis; my distress has to do with the fact that my son's rights were violated, crimes were committed by two mental health professionals.  Mr. Sparber's "investigation" was not anything more than regurgitated falsehoods from Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health's electronic file of  the events.  Encyclopedia Brown or the Hardy Boys could have done a better job than Tony Sparber did of investigating.

Human Rights violations and felonies committed in which my son is the victim, are things that distress me.  So far, time does not take away the sting of betrayal nor does this pseudo-investigation appease my sense of outrage.  Mr. Sparber's report, which addresses none of the violations of the law that were reported to DSHS, does nothing but add insult to injury.

This is a link to the report written Oct. 27, 2010 in response to my August 10, 2010 complaint of my son's civil rights being violated by 2 employees of Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health.
Here is a link to page 4 of Nancy Sherman's petition in which she declares crisis bed "Not Appropriate"

Here is a link to NAMI Washington site that advertises the crisis center run by Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health.

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