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Oct 28, 2011

Quack Master Jack and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

I do not understand the way successful psychiatrists are 'made.'  It really makes me feel ill when I see Quack Master Jack being quoted in papers, and I feel a little sick just knowing.  He participates in Public Policy formation, Teaching, clinical research and has even given lectures on medical ethics.  I did not see ethical behavior, or feel that he had any respect for my son or myself, when he "treated" my son.  Quack Master Jack apparently believes, he is better, and smarter; and he is extremely intelligent.  However, intelligence is not earned, nor is it an accomplishment; it is nothing to feel prideful about.  Over the years he was treating my son, I came to believe that the only authority he 'respected,' is his own.  After four years of being lied to, and being treated like I was not only 'less than;' but as if being the mother of a psychiatric patient, means that I am defective.  The impression that I passed on defective genes was repeatedly implied; the disdain palpable.

I wanted valid, factual information about what the hell he was doing to help my son; and my motives were questioned.  The implication was that I had no right to ask; that I had no need to know.  What was I thinking?!  Quack Master Jack claimed he did not need to keep me informed; and only did so as a courtesy! Between outright lies and half truths, Quack Master Jack would complain, he usually did not have to deal with parents...

Don't I know: that he, the 'Quack Master', doesn't usually quack to parents about their child's 'treatment' or their condition--because the parents input and consent is not needed--if the child is a ward of the State!  That was a lie he told repeatedly. According to Washington State law, I was the only one who could give consent, even though the state had custody. The fact that Quack Master didn't have either my son's or my consent or approval, didn't seem to bother him at all.

My son had horrifying negative effects from the drugs; some of which, the entire staff would pretend not to notice; or at least they claimed to not be able to see them.  Can you fucking imagine going to see your son who is so drugged...and still a 100 yards off, noticing something is seriously wrong...and you run up to him thinking, "it looks like he has the mumps...or something."  I've never seen anyone with the mumps--ever.  But it was obvious; and the entire staff claimed they didn't notice any swelling...He was swollen from his ears to his shoulders.  No shit.  (Gaslight anyone?)  The staff let me take him to the ER at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.  The ER physician told me for the first time about known adverse effects of the drugs my son was taking that the Quack Master was prescribing---like causing salivary glands to become inflamed, infected and swollen.  (none of the drugs were approved for pediatric use) --- The ER Dr. is the only Dr. I've ever had a real conversation with about the negative effects of the drugs.  (in real life and in person)

The thing is, I have those records---the staff  knew he had an infection, he had been prescribed antibiotics by a Physicians Assistant?!  The PA did not prescribe the right type of antibiotic, according to the ER doctor; and it was d/c, and the antibiotics the ER Dr. prescribed were used to treat Isaac.

Can you imagine?  He was swollen from his ears to his shoulders; it was truly horrifying---on top of the akasthesia, the Tardive Dyskinesia, the falling to the ground like a toddler, the falling over when he tied his shoes, the lump on top of his head; and the generally tortured appearance of my son----who never failed to beg me to to come home, begged me to rescue him.  I was supposed to be alright with the fact that the direct 'care' staff could not see obvious signs of physical illness?!  I was supposed to be alright with my son's living conditions, and his so-called 'medical treatment' which was not ethical, or legal; and didn't even comply with the Nuremberg Code---and it sure the fuck wasn't therapeutic!   For fucks sake, my kid thinks he was kidnapped!  In effect, he was...

The neuroleptics, seizure drugs and benzos---given to my son were all prescribed 'off label' used experimentally; none were approved for pediatric use.  All of them have a serious traumatic impact on the intellect, e.g. the drugs were all known to cause brain damage.

The sole purpose of the drug trials were to get the data to support FDA approval for pediatric use.   Period.  Drug Trials conducted to expand the market; are not ethical drug trials.  Quack Master Jack didn't even come close to conforming to the Medical Ethics for Informed Consent, he didn't respect my son; in fact he violated his Human Rights.

Quack Master Jack McClellan
  Quack Master
of the
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

"...Robert Spitzer, the head of the Amer­i­can Psy­chi­atric Association’s DSM-III task force. Spitzer notes that the def­i­n­i­tion of men­tal dis­or­der offered in the intro­duc­tion to the cur­rent DSM clearly states that men­tal dis­or­der involves dys­func­tion or impair­ment that is not an expectable or pro­por­tion­ate response to a com­mon human prob­lem or stres­sor, but the diag­nos­tic cri­te­ria used in the body of DSM-IV  — the part that clin­i­cians usu­ally con­sult — rarely men­tion the need to con­sider con­tex­tual expla­na­tions for symp­toms. Accord­ing to Spitzer, DSM’s authors “spec­i­fied the symp­toms that must be present to jus­tify a given diag­no­sis but ignored any ref­er­ence to the con­text in which they devel­oped. In so doing, they allowed nor­mal responses to stres­sors to be char­ac­ter­ized as symp­toms of dis­or­der.” (emphasis mine)

Erik Parens and Josephine Johnston, “Troubled Children: Diagnosing, Treating, and Attending to Context,” Special Report, Hastings Center Report 41, no. 2 (2011).

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Discover and Recover said...


The vast majority of conventional psychiatrists are quacks. Particularly, child psychiatrists.

If they label kids.
If they drug kids.
If they take hope away.
They're quacks.

In other words, the vast majority are quacks.

If it looks like a duck.
And sounds like a duck...



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